Guide to Indoor : Do I Need These?

If you are planning to start indoor cycling session soon and confused with many cycling shoes, then no worries. We’re here for you. In this article, we will show you every positive side of best indoor cycling shoes, and after reading this article you will be able to make the decision to whether your indoor cycling shoe worth your money or not.

Cycling Shoes

As you know indoor cycling can be organized by some group of people or by only you. You just need a stationary bike at your home or personal gym. Stationary bikes are designed to simulate the same experience and performance like road bikes like chain drive and friction resistance. Means you can lose calories same as road bike at your home. But there is the thing with cycling shoes. Actually, it’s all about the design and the environment. Following the name, indoor cycling shoes are specially designed for indoor cycling. Especially when a person does outdoor cycling session, designers have to choose more hard and strong materials to make the outdoor cycling shoes. Because, this types of shoes will be contacted directly by outside environment like water, stones, pitch road etc. On the other hand, indoor cycling does not require that much of protection. So designers can design perfect shoes with great soul design and materials.

Well, some people ask why these design does have any effect on cycling?. For those people, here is the answer. Cycling shoes enable you to transfer the power from your leg to the pedal of the cycle. On this whole process, the shoes play an important role in transferring energy. Other many things are related to these shoes. Like Air flow, Push & Pull, No slipping etc.

While you are cycling your foot need air to maintain the level of sweat. As saying that outdoor environment can be too hot or too cold. That’s why the air circulates has to maintain a level. Because of this restriction, some people face sweat problems and so on. But indoor cycling shoes are made for indoor temperature. And it’s air circulation method is way better than outdoor. So the problems are significantly lower than outside cycling shoes. Then comes push & pull fact. When you are clipped to the pedals on the indoor cycle you have to take the advantage of both up and down motion. Just think about the outdoor and indoor cycle’s pedals. You can guess it. There is a difference between both of cycle’s pedals and method. And again here is the slipping fact. On outdoor shoes, the soul is much gripper as it’s outdoor shoes. On the indoor shoes, there is much comfortable grip is used as it is an indoor shoe.

As a result, both shoes are good and effective. But the fain fact is which one is suitable for you. If you have a proper outdoor bike then go for outdoor cycling shoes, there is no meaning to have indoor shoes for outdoor cycling. As same, if you have stationary cycle the go for only indoor shoes. You can experience much better than outdoor cycling shoes on the indoor cycling session.

Top 3 Mental Benefits Of Cycling

As many of you already know that cycling or riding bikes with pedaling are extremely good for your physical health. But many of you don’t know that cycling is also beneficial for your mental health. Yes, you heard it right. Pedaling cycle can be a huge positive impact on your health. It is an exercise that you can take with your group or your own. Some bikers start their session in the early morning. With this schedule, you can breath fresh air and enjoy a beautiful moment of your life. In this article, we’re going to tell you the top three mental benefits of riding bikes.


1. Relive from anxiety

Many of you know that any aerobic exercise can be a meditation on stress and anxiety. But riding bikes is a great meditation to reduce anxiety from your brain and helps you to keep calm and relax. By cycling your brain releases various types of adrenaline and after the session of riding bike you will feel some positive changes on your body and you will be able to do your regular high level of tasks that you couldn’t be able to do before the cycling session. If you are doing not great in your life for depression and anxiety then you should definitely start riding bikes.

2. It helps you to think calmer

Some of you have the problem of calm thinking. With many problems of your life sometimes you can’t make a right decision instantly because of you can think calmly. Many people would not care this issue but it could be dangerous in some circumstances. Riding bikes are promoting mindfulness. While riding a bike you don’t have to think anything else except balancing the bike and also you should n’t think anything else except balancing the bike: That is a precaution. This way it helps to think one problem at a time, so you don’t get confused in the real world while making a decision and make it right for you. Riding bikes will boost mood in the morning and with the freshens you will be able to face any problems with a calm mind. If you do your session in the morning you can feel silence inside you and that will show you the real meaning of your life

3. It increases your self-esteem

Any exercise will make you more positive about yourself and you can also obverse yourself. I know many of you have a tight schedule of work. But you can add riding bike on your schedule easily. As a sample go to work and get back home with riding bike. It can save your transportation cost and also it can give you a sense of satisfaction. It can also give you the opportunity to have self-control that helps you to have less stress. Self-confidence is an extremely important thing to have at this age. You can’t live without it. Riding bikes will make you trust your self. You are the one who is pedaling the cycle and also your life. You have the handle of your cycle and also your life. So don’t feel so dumb, when you feel and trust yourself people will trust you and your talent.

All these points are only for you and your better life. Ride safe, Stay calm.

Thing You Have to Do Before Start Cycling

Are you considering to start cycling as a hobby? Then here are four things to consider before you start cycling. The first one will be how to set a goal and have an overview on what you will be dealing with once you start cycling.

Before you start cycling, you should have a general idea of how it will have this hobby. Undoubtedly, cycling will offer a lot of advantages to your health. This hobby require time, so you have to plan to set aside a few hours of your week to cycle, let it be on the evening or weekends, it’s totally up to you to choose based on your other daily activities.

Now that you have the picture in mind, you can go ahead to a bicycle shop. When buying your bike, always consider two broad aspects, safety, and comfort. Choose a bike that suits you the best before you purchase a bicycle.

It will help you to decide on what kind of bicycle you are going to get. If you now the route where you are going to cycle in advance. Don’t purchase the bike first and find the place later.

Cycling in a group is much better. Try to get in touch with local guys who have the same hobby, or try searching online forum for bike. Don’t be, shy to ask for questions or suggestions.

These are the four basic things you have to do before you cycling. The last thing you want to do is buying a wrong bicycle that will just rotten in your garage. Or, going all out on your first ride and giving up because you think your body can not endure cycling. Start slow, know your limit and stay consistent. Before you know it you will be cycling on a regular basis and you can go extra miles too. Enjoy cycling!

5 Great Benefits of Cycling

Most people learn to ride a bike at a young age and the sheer excitement keeps a smile on the faces of children far longer than any PlayStation game. Somehow as we grow up we lose the wonderful feeling of freedom that cycling gives us. Somewhere along the way our own haste and need for urgency removes the excitement from cycling.

With lots of New year’s resolutions floating around in the air, many of which are to lose weight, this article will provide you with five great reasons to take up cycling again as an adult.


  • Boosts your mood – Just imagine, rather than putting keys into an ignition, you put on a pair of cycling shorts and a comfortable set of trainers, place yourself up on your bike and just travel. The fresh air does wonders for your mentality, and the exercise itself releases endorphins that boost your energy levels and make you feel amazing.


  • The thrill is immense – There are many different types of cycling, at least one will pick your fancy. If you love adrenaline, then pick yourself up a mountain bike and get down and dirty with the trails. If you love competition, then take your competitive attitude down to the track and give track cycling a go, fast and light, you will be in for a thrilling ride! If you can’t bear to leave your loved one behind then you can easily rent a tandem bike, they aren’t too expensive to buy either, that way you and your partner can chat along the way and you both reap the benefits of a good ride. If, like me you are into smooth travelling with tough uphill climbs but a cleaner ride with no mud to clean off your face when you get home, then road cycling is for you.


  • Epic weight loss – Yes! a low impact sport that will help us all lose weight in the fresh air. You can burn almost the same number of calories in one hour than if you were to run. Save your knees!


  • Better sleep – It’s a fact. With more activity comes better sleep. If you are like thousands of others that suffer with insomnia, get your kit on and head out on your bike for a short ride every day and you will be rewarded with better sleep.


  • Contribute towards saving your planet – If you use your bike to get around instead of using your car, that means no air pollution caused by you! Great work! You will also be freeing up parking spaces and you’ll be able to travel without being stuck in traffic and leaving your engine running. This will, in turn, save you money on gas and without a doubt make you feel like you are helping save your planet.


Cycling is a great sport, anybody of any fitness level can join in and it is easy to make friends as it is a very sociable sport. All you need to do is pick up a bike and you are ready to get started!