5 Great Benefits of Cycling

Most people learn to ride a bike at a young age and the sheer excitement keeps a smile on the faces of children far longer than any PlayStation game. Somehow as we grow up we lose the wonderful feeling of freedom that cycling gives us. Somewhere along the way our own haste and need for urgency removes the excitement from cycling.

With lots of New year’s resolutions floating around in the air, many of which are to lose weight, this article will provide you with five great reasons to take up cycling again as an adult.


  • Boosts your mood – Just imagine, rather than putting keys into an ignition, you put on a pair of cycling shorts and a comfortable set of trainers, place yourself up on your bike and just travel. The fresh air does wonders for your mentality, and the exercise itself releases endorphins that boost your energy levels and make you feel amazing.


  • The thrill is immense – There are many different types of cycling, at least one will pick your fancy. If you love adrenaline, then pick yourself up a mountain bike and get down and dirty with the trails. If you love competition, then take your competitive attitude down to the track and give track cycling a go, fast and light, you will be in for a thrilling ride! If you can’t bear to leave your loved one behind then you can easily rent a tandem bike, they aren’t too expensive to buy either, that way you and your partner can chat along the way and you both reap the benefits of a good ride. If, like me you are into smooth travelling with tough uphill climbs but a cleaner ride with no mud to clean off your face when you get home, then road cycling is for you.


  • Epic weight loss – Yes! a low impact sport that will help us all lose weight in the fresh air. You can burn almost the same number of calories in one hour than if you were to run. Save your knees!


  • Better sleep – It’s a fact. With more activity comes better sleep. If you are like thousands of others that suffer with insomnia, get your kit on and head out on your bike for a short ride every day and you will be rewarded with better sleep.


  • Contribute towards saving your planet – If you use your bike to get around instead of using your car, that means no air pollution caused by you! Great work! You will also be freeing up parking spaces and you’ll be able to travel without being stuck in traffic and leaving your engine running. This will, in turn, save you money on gas and without a doubt make you feel like you are helping save your planet.


Cycling is a great sport, anybody of any fitness level can join in and it is easy to make friends as it is a very sociable sport. All you need to do is pick up a bike and you are ready to get started!